The current M.E. rig for use with Overlorde is seen below.

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It consists of:

Gibson Flying V ‘83 -1983

White with pinstriping,  stock Gibson Kahler Tremolo

Modifications include:

Mighty Mite pickup in rhythm position

Fender System III locking nut

Groto machine heads

String Saver saddles



Gibson Gothic Flying V - 2001

Satin black finish

Modifications include:

Gibson Kahler Tremolo

Fender System III locking nut

String Saver Saddles

Click here to see the guitar as it was going through the modification process!



Marshall JCM 800 50 watt Head 198?

Marshall ATV 150 150 watt Head 2001

Marshall 1960 A and B cabinets 2001



Pedalboard as follows:


Flying V -->

MXR Flanger --> Boss Octaver --> Morley Wah/Vol -->

Boss GT-3 (stereo out, one line to JCM 800 head connected to 1960A cabinet at 4ohm and

one line to ATV 150 connected to 1960B cabinet at 4 ohm)



Other Guitars include:


Fender Stratocaster 198?


Modifications include:

Wilkinson tremolo

George Lynch “Screamin’ Demon” pickup in bridge position

String Saver saddles


Gibson ES-335 1968

Tobacco Sunburst

Modifications include:

Stud Tailpiece


Takamine acoustic 1998



Other Guitar related equipment includes:




CryBaby Wah

Small Stone Phase Shifter


Recording/PA/Outboard equipment includes:


Roland VS-1680 Digital Workstation

Sony DAT recorder

Mackie 1202 VLZ Mixing board

JBL EONs EQ Reverb delay Microphones Mixing monitors and amp


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M.E.’s repairs and mods are handled by TIME ELECTRONICS. The above picture shows M.E. and TIME guru Richx Koerner on the day M.E. dropped his Gothic V off to have the Gibson Kahler installed.

If you need custom mods or repair work and are from the NJ area (or willing to ship your item to him), hook up with Father Time to see if he can service your needs!


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