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M.E. during final rehearsal at DAS BUNKER before recording RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANTM.E. with his 2001 Black Gothic Flying V tracking on Day Two of recording for Overlorde's RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT.Mark "M.E." Edwards promoting guitar tech extraodinaire Rich Koerner of Time Electronics

M.E. live with Overlorde at METAL NATION: NORTHERN AGGRESSION I Oct 1, 2004 (Photo by "The Reverend" CD cover for SUMMER CRUISIN' CDr single summer 2008 


Promotional Photo January 2011Live at Dingbats 1/28/2011 opening for Z02 


Pictures from M.E.'s show at the Artmore Hotel in Atlanta during ProgPower USA XII weekend Sep 2011 are posted at Facebook..



Pictures from M.E.'s visit to NAMM 2014




  See more pictures at M.E.'s  FACEBOOK PAGE



M.E. attended a MEET & GREET at PROGPOWER USA VI. View the slideshow here!




M.E.'s white Flying V was broken in two during his performance at BROOKLYN METALFEST in June 2006.

The below slideshow shows the guitar when he brought it to his long time repairman,

Rich Koerner of Time Electronics. Rich would begin to perform his repair magic on the guitar.


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The below are the most recent pictures showing the progress of the repairs to M.E.'s white Flying V


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Photo Credits (starting top left):

A. Sahadjakowski, B. Edwards, ?, S. Snell, D. Edwards, K. Hiller, T. Parlakowski, K. Hiller. Greg Smith, Greg Smith, ?, "The Reverend" , n/a,

Ed O'Brien (graphic design by S.L. Grandy Freelance Design), Ed O'Brien

Keith Minor/Shock & Awe Productions, Tina Gresko



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