"...Jersey's version of Joe Satriani." -Bob Makin, Courier News

"A fairly brilliant, technically obsessed string -bender ... ... "M.E." draws on a crunchy hi-energy Van Halen / "Freeway Jam" era Jeff Beck arsenal for these raw, lively, extended guitar workouts." - Al Muzer, Aquarian Weekly

"...a very versatile player, with an aggressive yet melodic style... ...very Satriani like, as is much of Mark's playing, but he also has his own voice on the instrument... ...taste and technique..." - Guitarist Network Magazine

"...drivin', uplifting... ...stunning quitar playing... ...ecstatically rhythmic... ...Edwards quickly displays his six string wizardry"   -East Coast Rocker

"Edwards has the chops and good sense of groove... ...this tape impresses." (4 stars out of 5)  -Musicians' Exchange

"An underlying melodicism is maintained, however, especially in the blazingly fast lead guitar solos"  -Daily Variety

"...can really play..."  -Kerrang!!!

"...Guitarist Mark Edwards lays down some ripping leads..."  -Thomas Caine, Guitar 2001

"...the riffs of Mark Edwards are really Heavy..."  -Manos Koufakis, Metal Invader Magazine (Greece)          

"Mark`s guitar work never sounded better ..."  -Shane Tolle, Last Judgement 'zine   

"...great is the contribution supplied by the guitar player Mark Ewards who made almost in an cynical way a frightening number of riffs devoted to the wildest headbanging of mass."    -Beppe "HM" Diana,  Metal IT Webzine (Italy)

"Mark Edward's guitar playing smokes as well.  He's got some great chops and great riffing skills.  Mark is also a fellow Flying V player, we're a real breed these days and it's great that he plays guitars made for gods!  Mark Edwards's takes an extended lead section and rips away.  Great job Mark..." -Nick Martinelli, The (read full review online here)

"…the fans were treated to an amazing display of skill and creativity...Mark gave a virtual guitar clinic...sizzling...another stellar performance ... dazzling fans with not only his technical prowess, but also his ability to infuse emotion and soul through numbers like ‘Jammin’ and ‘Summer Cruisin" from Ann Marie Reilly, Beyond Ear Candy


Reviews of the 2003 Expanded demo release of G.W.A.(GUITAR WITH ATTITUDE)

"Guitar players everywhere should pick the album up for inspiration, and anyone looking for 50+ minutes of just plain rocking music will find G.W.A. to be equally rewarding ". Unchain The Underground's Al Kikuras gave the release a 8.5/10 rating. Thanks Al ! Click here for the full review.)

"...New Jersey's premier shred machine!!! G.W.A. will kick your ass!!" "9 out of 10 rating". Read the full, in-depth review here (go to REVIEWS, RECORD, 2004 (third review down).

"Fans of session work and guitar instrumentals, like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, grab this while you can..."   Posted at FIGHT FOR ROCK. Read the full review from Brandon here.

"Guitar Master at work"  From METTLE PSYCHOSURGERY. Read Dr. Manic's review here

"...any fan of good guitar playing ought to listen when Mark works on something" from THE METAL CRYPT. Read it here.

"All this variety shows that Mark is well versed in music and can shred with the best of them (Joe Satriani for example). I will also be as bold to say that I enjoy Mark´s guitar playing a helluva lot better than boring Yngwie." from THE METAL GOSPEL.   Read the full review here.

"Mark drives home upbeat, charismatic instrumental guitar works that flow endlessly." from THE SHRED ZONE. Read the full review here.

Check out the December 2005 article about M.E. at GUITAR NINE, one of the top Guitar sites on the web! There are two full length MP3s of his solo instrumental tunes at the bottom of the article for you to hear.


Reviews of M.E. on Overlorde's RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT


"Mark Edwards' guitar playing is absolutely extraordinary"  from  Maximum Metal

"Another highlight is the guitar work by Mark "M.E." Edwards. It's everywhere (and note that there's only one guitar here), it's crunchy, catchy, and some of the solos are quite wicked if I may say." from Metal Crypt

"A guitarist that captivates with his marvelous riffs”  from Novo Metal

“Playing a Flying V and making it sound like the weapon it can be, Edwards technique shines bright…” from

“… cool guitar solo's are all around… “ from Lords of Metal   

“Mark Edwards is simply amazing” –from Metal Perspective

 “the guitar work is on a noticeably high level”  from Metal Tornado

“Everything Edwards plays is energetic and uplifting…” from Metal PHD

“…magnificent guitars including breathtaking breaks…” – from Metal To Infinity

“Mark has an uncanny way of making you "feel" the music through his solos.”   From Metal Eater      

Guitarist Mark Edwards rips his hands up and down his Flying V with the dexterity of an accomplished virtuoso without playing like an egomaniacal fret-worshipper –he’s dedicated to the songs, often content to play harmony riffs instead of employ solo abuse.  From Power Packer magazine

“Lots of credits to Mark Edwards who is in charge of the amazing guitar work for Overlorde” From Rockezine

“M.E. attacks each tune, with shredding, powerful inflections and tones that keep the tunes alive and true to style”   from That’s So Metal

"Mark "M.E." Edward's great riffs and fluid leads, "  from Unchain the Underground



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