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Check out  60 second MP3 samples of M.E.'s solo instrumental material from his

G.W.A.(Guitar With Attitude) CD-R demo re-release.

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G.W.A. (Guitar With Attitude)

1) Summer Cruisin'

2) Corazon*

3) Big Red Pumper

4) Lovers

5) Spur of the Moment

6) The Joust

7) Jammin'

8) Stumpgrinder**

CD-R demo release bonus tracks:

9) Sting of the V***

10) Ceremony

11) Its Been A Long Time

12) Funkenstein

13) Rainbow Lake


* Written by Carole King Colgems-EMI-ASCAP   ** Co-written by Jon Engel and Mark Edwards

*** features guest keyboard appearance by Steve Ferreira.

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